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Here you will find current varieties of flowers that will be coming available for harvest. Availability is updated daily, so check in often!


Look for pre-order opportunities while supplies last and you can check out our Digital Catalog in the meantime.


Varieties Ready For Harvest

Due to our area being in winter, we do not have any current blooms.  Keep checking back as seeds have been started and are growing rapidly!

We will update this list as varieties come in season!

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Pre-Orders Available

Come By Today to Book Your Iris and Daylily Transplants!

NOW is the best time to pick out plants for transplanting in the spring! Pictures are available in store and soon online!

These Perennials are hardy, easy to grow, and will come back to bloom every year! 
Transplant comes potted in a 1 gallon nursery container - $12.99

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